Snacking on our mind and menu

The snacking trend is growing globally, and Tulip wish to offer the consumers our range of snacks that can be snacked in between meals, on the go, in front of the television and together with friends and family.

Tulip’s snack assortment consists of many delicious meat-based snacks for various occasions. Salami snacks in different shapes and sizes for the tapas plates, salami sticks for the break, soft salami chips with cheddar or chili flavor for the picnic. Latest news is a crispy snack range consisting of a crunchy bacon-nut mix, airdried crispy salami chips and oven baked premium pork cracklings ideal for the football night, the Friday bar - whenever the need for a bit salty and crispiness arises.

All products are produced with focus on quality and a high meat content. When talking about salami, all our salamis are dried and smoked over beechwood to get the smoked taste of salami as we know it.

No need for preparation. All the snacks are easy to grab and eat directly from the bag or box, and fits perfectly in the bag, the lunchbox, on the table and in the snack bowl.

The making of snacks requires patience and time – in that way the taste experience is more intense, whether it is the drying process or making the crispy range crispier. So why not try something new or different and welcome snacks to the table.

Who are you going to snack together with?