Enjoy the food – we have done most of the work for you.

It takes time to prepare a good meal especially when it comes to pulled pork or spareribs that demand a long cooking time.

Prepared in the right way these products gives you a fantastic taste experience that your family or guests will admire.

Our slowcooked assortment is not just classic pulled pork and spareribs, but stretches into other flavors and includes both pulled turkey and pulled chicken.

The name Pulled Pork derives from the fact that the meat becomes so tender that it can very easily be pulled apart by two forks after which it is ready to be used in sandwiches, dogs, wraps or salads.

Tulip’s Slow Cooked products are all cooked so that the juice and flavor of the meat is kept in the packaging until it is to be prepared at home and therefore the big taste experience is secured.